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I bring spaces to life to become reflections of those who live there. I see the harmony as clients move through their new, stylish, relaxed, interiors. I see their rooms become brighter from their smiles. And, my heart is touched. — Ruth Gemmell

Staging Consultation

Selling a home is never easy. You love what you have and you’ve spent years decorating. For you it's perfect. But will it help you sell? Maybe it will, maybe not.

You see, making your home sales ready, is not the same as decorating it for yourself and family to live in. To sell a home quickly, we have to understand the buyers mind. And then, present a home that answers their needs, dreams, and wants. This is my specialty, and I’m here to help you

By using my experience as a realtor, designer, and marketer, I’ll look at the current photos of your home, and the comps your agent has shown you. Then, I will formulate a unique Sales Strategy Action Plan for your home, providing specific suggestions to help your home outshine your competition. And we can do it efficiently, on the phone and on-line.

So, what do you say, let's talk! And we’ll you get moving along to where you want to be.


Ruth Gemmell Testimonial

It was amazing. My home in Atlanta sat on the market for 4 months, with semi-regular showings but no offers. Then I spoke with Ruth. She studied the comps on-line, and my sales photos, and then gave me a plan of action. We implemented Ruth’s staging recommendations and my home sold the very next weekend! Her reasonable fee is worth every penny. Our only regret is that we didn’t seek Ruth’s interior design expertise sooner. Thank you so much Ruth. — Lee and Dawn Weeks

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