Glenn Gemmell, Creative Director, Art Director, Charlotte, North Carolina, NC,

Love people, love life, work hard, and work smart.

Navy veteran, Senior Art Director and Photographer

Security Clearance — (inactive) SECRET — Department of Defense

• Educated at MICA— Photography major, Graphic Design minor

• The GI Bill, and working high-rise construction, and steel mills, paid for school, matured me, and gave me drive.

The ad agency masters class; I grew fast from working at WB Doner / Baltimore, Weitzman, Earle Plmer Brown/D.C., and Ford & Westbrook Richmond, among  the best agencies in the nation at the time. They were rich in great talent. 

Making targeted quality communications that accurately reflect your value proposition, and brand, is what I do best. 

By reflecting your brand accurately and addressing the needs of your target market, we change  behaviors. When done well, great advertising is the result, which drives ROI, and builds brand awareness. 

So…who have I worked on projects for? You may be surprised: the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, NASA, AARP, NRTA, Wellcraft Boats, Stihl, Johnny Unitas, Air Freight, Tiny Jewel Box, the USO, ARDA, Children’s National Medical Center, The Marines, Thales, Exostar, iDirect, H&K, Lockheed Martin, GTE Spacenet, QuadraMed, EADS North America Defense, Pepco Energy Services, BG&E, mLinqs, EYA homes, Miller & Smith, EuroMotorcars, Racal Instruments UK, Double-H Boot Company, David Drew Clinic, Dolben Developers, Gryphon Technologies, The Baltimore Sun, Bethesda MRI, Chesapeake Plastic Surgery, Wilkins Yacht Sales, 20/20 Laser Services—TLC Laser Eye Centers, and more.

How can I serve your needs? Give me a call, and we’ll answer that question together.

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iDirect Satellite

“iDirect’s advertising is central to our overall marketing strategy. We need to project a significant presence to our market worldwide with a limited budget. 

We’ve worked with Glenn Gemmell since we relaunched our marketing campaign. He has continuously generated results for our company that translate to sales, and is the one creative resource that clearly understands our value proposition and can demonstrate it in a variety of medias. 

As a result, iDirect's growth was spectacular 

1500% over 5 years."

— Jon Douglas, (Past) Marketing Director, iDirect

Shakerz Mobile Bartender

I couldn’t be happier. Glenn & Ruth are such great people. So easy to work with, I couldn’t have imagined a website better than this. It’s beautiful. 

It simply and directly conveys our message, and the page is colorful, with beautiful photography. I can’t say enough… And I love the Shakers logo Glenn designed for me, it’s so eye catching and fun. I just couldn’t be happier. — Stephanie Fierro owner of Shakerz 

USO On Patrol Magazine

It's fantastic. More importantly, it's powerful. 

That's really the only word besides an exceptional piece of design. Frankly, I have come to expect beautiful graphics from you. But the power-- again that word-- is what backs this USO produce so extraordinary. I only wish I had it in me to do another book so that we could work together because you, my friend, are a genius.

HH Boots, The JW Hart Rodeo Ad

“The JW Hart ad is the best-performing ad in HH’s history. It generated more calls, more dealer inquiries and more awareness than any previous ad. 

It has established Double-H in the Rodeo market.” 

— Margriet Mitchell, Marketing Account Executive

PestFree Direct Mail

“96% of callers to the 800 number have signed on for the PestFree Challenge. Net sales are up 23%

I was initially wary of direct mail because it never succeeded in the past. But I’m convinced that the mail is working this year primarily due to the aggressive, well-planned offer and the terrific execution.”

TLC Laser Eye Centers

“I wanted to let you know that the ‘Before And After’ ad was a big success. I received a call from the doctors in Florida asking me to pull the insertion, their phone was ringing off the hook and overloaded the switchboard.

— Rick Hatch, Marketing Director, TLC Laser Eye Centers


A PDF resume is available for your review. Thank you. — Glenn