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Hired by top ad agencies in the Mid-Atlantic to create integrated ad campaigns and branding for Fortune 500 clients.

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A history of creating marketing materials that deliver superior sales, while achieving local, national, and international market penetration.

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“The sale was incredible. We were so busy, that I had to shorten the sale. My staff was too exhausted to continue.” —Tiny Jewel Box


glenn gemmell, art director,


 The horizontal marketplace is vast. Your vertical market may be narrow. However, audiences require messaging that clearly conveys how a product, service, or idea fulfills their need. 

I design for impact, using a blend of emotion and logic. Every piece of creative is built upon the foundation of a solid marketing plan. The goal, is your success.

lockheed martin, logo, glenn gemmell, art director,


The logo mark is the heart and soul of a business. It expresses the essence of a company, or product, in pixels and ink.

I designed the BioVisa logo for Lockheed Martin. BioVisa identification technology uses fingerprint scans and facial recognition to detect the true identity of persons seeking Visa’s to enter the United states.

Decision Magazine, Billy Graham, glenn gemmell, art director,


The essence of magazine and book design, is to smoothly move the reader along a memorable editorial journey.

For example, our 132 page Billy Graham Decision magazine memorial issue, was created to tell the story of Mr. Graham's eight decades of preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The publication in both print and digital format, was distributed across the globe.

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